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-Multipurpose, lightweight chair folds down into a small cube for easy shipping and storage.-Size: 17"x17"x17" closed / 17"w x 26.5"h x 25.5"d open-Microsuede fabric is 100% polyester woven with excellent resistance to stains and tears-Easy cleanup with a little bit of soap and warm water-15 day money back guarantee in original packaging and no signs of use-Items in stock will ship within 48 hours-About UsThe Cubit Chair was designed by Greg Saul at Tolleson Design Inc., a design firm with 20+ years experience in the design of ergonomic and highly functional furniture. Greg created the chair to solve his own needs with three growing children in a small home. "With three kids, we were challenged to find seating for everyone," says Greg.-Problems with other chairsPrior to the Cubit Chair, Greg's kids used bean bag chairs. "After living with bean bag chairs for a couple years we grew tired of seeing them loaded down with dirty clothes and tripping over them every time we walked in their room," says Greg. In addition to that, as his kids got older and started playing video games, they would stack the bean bags in the corner and just sit on the floor or stand. When Greg asked why, they complained about not being able to sit upright on the bags without rolling backwards and that gaming required more and better support. They asked for plastic gaming chairs but Greg and Aida didn't like how they looked like overgrown car seats. "The Cubit chair was born in response to their needs and ours. They use the chairs for reading, gaming or just lounging. They fold up out of the way to free up floor space, and on cleaning day we just stack them up in the hall so we can clean the floor".-The Cubit Chair is bornThe first prototype Cubit Chair was made in 2010. After experimenting with different sizes and types of foam, the design was refined to the current 17" cube. At this size there is almost zero fabric waste, which helps keep the price down, and all of the manufacturing is done in North Carolina. The Cubit Chair is only made with high quality foam and fabric to insure many years of continuous use. Save money on

Cubit Chair Lime/Java

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